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Since I stumbled across the Floral Design Blog, Tulipina, I have been visiting frequently for inspiration. Receiving a bright bouquet of flowers can make anyone's day. But let me tell you, these pictures are making me pretty happy just the same. It takes a real talent to gather this delightful species, co-ordinate colours, and shapes, and then play around with arrangements of length and fullness.  If you have ever fiddled around with a store bought bouquet, you know it takes time and patience to perfect.  So with that, I leave you with this lovely photo gallery that I found on Kiana Underwood's blog, and hope that it will inspire you for your thanksgiving table.  (All photos by Nathan Underwood)  And you should check out her series titled Humans with Bouquets, because its brilliant!  

Everyday Luxury - Fabrics by Ivan Meade

When I first saw the picture above pop into my facebook feed, I thought,what is this vision of beauty? Yes, she is lovely, but look at that fabric. I couldn't fully explore until this evening, but when I learned that Ivan Meade launched this breathtaking line of designer fabrics, I was instantly enamored. Ivan, of course, is an exceptionally talented Designer, based in Victoria, B.C. but his work spans throughout North American and Europe. And it isn't just Interiors, his scope of work includes some incredible work in Graphic Design and Branding. Naturally, this line of fabric is a culmination of his life's work and experiences over the past 20 years.  

Every pattern does indeed have a story, and every story makes me appreciate the art and thoughtful nature of each delicate design.  Below and above is Grabado, an homage to Ivan's favorite artist Matthäus Merian (1593-1650).  I love that for me, this pattern reminds me of the beautiful ripple effect on water when the sun is setting. One of my favorite gifts from Mother Nature.    

Just a sample (above) of stripes and textures from Ivan Meade's new collection.

My personal aesthetic is rooted in classic, elegant and timeless design. I have a hard time committing to bold colours and patterns. These wonderful patterns I could easily commit to,  And the colours are so subtle, with names like Miel (Honey) and Cenote (Google it!). You too will not resist how they compliment one another. This fabulous pattern is called Vista Hermosa - inspired by the tile patters in his grandparents home. It's so delicate, but a so sophisticated. 

Below is Vista Hermosa - in Cenote

If you get a chance, you should hop over to explore the entire line, that includes geometrics, and silks, linens and some incredible textures. Below is Mariposa - in Carbon, a modern toile, inspired by Ivan's mother, whose style mixes updated interpretations of the classics. It's perfection.

Congratulations Ivan! What an incredible collection you have created.  

All images via Ivan Meade.

Modern Elegance in Toronto

It's late.  One click led to the next and I stumbled onto this magnificence. The property is a former estate that has been converted into row houses, here in Toronto. I believe this is the model home. It's breathtaking! I want my sectional recovered in, what looks like, gray wool fabric on the living room sofa.  The black painted windows and doors are so dramatic, but everything else is so lovely, soft and white.  And the most delightful of all combinations are the rich wood tones that carry throughout, in the floors and furniture, including the bedroom's four post bed. If you are looking to see a little more, you can hop over to Houzz for a complete tour.  Designed and styled by The Design Co.

Hope your day starts and ends beautifully! 

Lisa Petrole Photography Renaissance 
Fine Homes Designed and Styled by: The Design Co. TheDesignCo.ca

Flower Art

I spotted the work of this artist on a site called Made In Shorditch. I love the brilliance behind each flower and picture.  The artist is known as Limzy, and she is Singapore based Lim Zhi Wei, whose work has gained a bit of attention lately. Is it any wonder?  Who doesn't love to see fresh flowers brilliantly blended into artwork. When I hopped over to her site, Love Limzy, I was delighted to find so many bright and beautiful images. From lady bugs to bunnies, to fashion and friendships.

Have yourself an amazing weekend! 

A Chance to Shine!

I am so excited to share some amazing news for any of you lucky designers heading out to High Point Market in October. Most of you probably already know Lisa Ferguson, who is an incredibly talented designer, but also a strength mentor to many a woman who has been struggling to find the right balance of managing a demanding design business. Lisa, is a force whose wise words will resonate with you for years to come. She is a fully trained StrengthsFinder Coach who will help you connect dots to your success like you never imagined possible. I am truly lucky and PROUD to call her a friend, our lunch and dinner dates are filled with energizing conversations!  

Lisa Ferguson show us her strengths!! 

OK - so here is the deal.  Lisa partnered with another force, who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting, but hope to soon, Gail Doby of Design Success University. Gail has been helping interior designers build their businesses for years. Together they formed FLOURISH SUMMIT, a one day strategic planning session to help Interior Designers get to the next level, it's happening at High Point Market in October. Work smart not hard, be profitable, work with your strengths, and delegate your weaknesses. Everything that makes sense, but you don't know how to implement.  

Now for the exciting part!  

One of their partners, Studio Webware, has decided to underwrite 15 Scholarship Tickets to the Flourish event!  If you're one of the first 15 people to fill out the online order form below, your ticket to the Flourish Summit is paid for by Studio Webware! All you have to do is pay a $49 materials fee to cover the cost of supplies. 
Here is the link to registration - Flourish And Profit   
It's only available to the first 15 people. If you still see an order form when you click, it means tickets are still available!! 
This is Jennifer Brouwer - Interior Designer extraordinaire!
She has had first hand experience with both Lisa and Gail, and has really connected the dots to her success and happiness! 

It pains me that I cannot attend this event because I won't be at High Point. But I cannot wait to hear the buzz about it.   


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